About Us


Sine Automation was founded with the aim of providing welding automation technologies in India and overseas. We have provided a diverse range of welding automation solutions for our clients, both in India and overseas. We specialize in weld overlay cladding stations and also integrate special purpose machines according to our customer requirements.

Sine Automation strives towards providing innovation, cost effectiveness and performance in the field of welding with a deep sense of passion towards welding automation. With the use of quality components and reliable service, we ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Sine Automation is the one of the few integrator of cladding stations in India. These factors give us an edge over our competition and helps fulfilling all our customer’s requirements.

Sine Automation and Integration Pvt. Ltd. is a leading integrator of Weld Overlay Cladding Stations, Butt Welding Station, Automated DPT (Dye Penetrant Test) system, Orbital Welding, Sniffer Tube Welding and XY Manipulator systems. Our company is based in Mumbai, India and has been manufacturing these products for over a decade.

  • Established in 2010
  • Over 50 solutions Integrated and Commissioned.
  • Trusted source to meet Weld Overlay Cladding requirements of Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Providing flexibility within our systems according to customer requirements.
  • Commitment to quality through standard materials and best in class components for our systems.
  • Our expertise is in weld overlay cladding systems and we are one of the few provider of such systems in India.
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To have a recognized, sustainable, innovative and robust global business specialising in industrial Welding Automation Technologies with emphasis on Weld Overlay Cladding Technology.


Our mission is to bring welding automation to a wide range of clients and industries in India and overseas through innovation and customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy

Quality and complete customer satisfaction play a crucial role within Sine Automation. With the continual improvement of our products and processes, we strive towards complete satisfaction of customers, partners and employees.