• All Ac Servo Motors
  • Base and Bore Cladding
  • Auto Avc Selection for Id and Od
  • Auto Speed Compensation for Taper Bores and Face Cladding
  • Weaving If Required for Face Cladding
  • Avc In Bore and Base
  • Interlocks with Water Flow, Gas Flow and Xy Z Limits with Alarm Page
  • Boom Up/Down Limit Switch
  • Virtual Pendant on Hmi
  • Except For The Remote Pendant, All Other Cables and Hoses Shall Be Concealed


Functions in Manual Mode:

  • Xyz Slide Movements
  • Wire For/Rev
  • Both Rotator Cw/Ccw Inching
  • Gas Test and Flow Adjust

Functions in Auto Mode:

  • Incr/Decr of Current, Voltage, Rotation and Wire Feed
  • Avc On/Off
  • Wire On/Off
  • Change from Base to Bore and Vice Versa


  • Process: Hot Wire Twin Wire Auto Pulsed Tig
  • Min Dia: 45mm X 400 Long
  • Max Dia: 1200mm X 800mm Long
  • Max Weight: 3000kg
  • X Stroke – 2.5 Meters
  • Y Stroke – 0.8 Meters
  • Z Stroke – 0.8 Meters