Vertical Cladding Station is fully automated PLC based Hot Wire GTAW cladding station which shall be fixed in the workshop. There will be a water cooled Torch mounted on slides arcing with the rotating job and the filler wires fed automatically in the weld pool.

The welding torches will be quick change (1G/2G) type which shall give total flexibility to the machine. The welding parameters like current, voltage, welding speed, wire feed, step over etc will be programmable and controllable via PLC and will have overrides through a hand held wireless remote pendant.


  • Non rotating
  • Hollow pipe structure – lightweight and strong
  • Removable/replaceable column base for extra-long jobs
  • Lead screw and LM rail for running boom up/down
  • Base plate with LM guide and ball screw nut to fix the boom
  • Limit switches at the top and bottom
  • Tin sheets to cover rail and ball screw
  • 750 w servo brake motor mounted on top for boom up down
  • Drag chains and cable trays for cables
  • Tower lamp on the top
  • Up/down PB switch on the side
  • Emergency switch on the side


  • Hallow pipe construction
  • Easy fixing on the column-mounted base plate
  • Designed to have minimum sag at the end
  • Ball screw and lm rail
  • Worm gearbox and shaft  to fix tilting head
  • Limit switches at either end of the boom
  • Tin sheets to cover rail and ball screw
  • 400 w servo motor mounted at the end for carriage movement
  • Carriage stroke of 1000 mm thereby covering 2000 mm dia
  • Avc limit in 2g – 1000 mm
  • Drag chains and cable trays for cables


  • Moves along with the boom on the ball screw and LM rails
  • Tilting unit with a servo motor to tilt Z slide 45 deg on either side
  • Carries vertical slide|spool holder|drag chain
  • Acts as AVC axis when in 2G mode
  • Acts as step increment and weaving axis when in 1G mode
  • Acts as weld progression axis in 1G long seam weld
  • Base plate with linear bearing and ball screw nut for Z slide
  • Limit switches for Z slide
  • Dog for X slide
  • 400 w servo motor with worm gearbox for tilting unit


Z slide

  • Anodized aluminum pipe fixed with rack and polymer bearing
  • Guide rods and rack & pinion
  • Closed-type drag chain
  • Mounting base for terminal
  • Acts as AVC axis when in 1g mode
  • Acts as step increment and weaving axis when in 2g mode
  • Acts as weld progression axis in 2g long seam weld
  • Slide small enough to enter 6” inch pipe

Twin-wire feeder

  • Anodized aluminum body twin wire feeder
  • 400 w servo motor coupled with 1:40 servo gearbox
  • Motor encoder to measure wire speed and calculate deposition rate
  • Dual roller with 1.2 mm and 1.6 mm groove
  • Independent tensioner screw
  • Wire guide bushes on entry and exit for smooth loading of the new spool
  • Wire feeding almost in a straight line to the torch head


  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • PVC insulated angle frame for power|water|gas terminal
  • Quick-release coupling for PU water and gas hose pipes
  • CNC machine type collet for torch holding
  • All cables|hoses|liners through the Z slide tube


  • Mounted at the rear of the carriage plate for easy loading of wire
  • Twin spool holder slightly angled to avoid falling of spool


2G heavy-duty torch    

  • Anodized aluminum pipe for torch lance
  • Silicon insulating sleeve over the torch head
  • Twin-wire feed attachment for easy & quick wire setting
  • 300 amps 100% duty cycle|water cooled head|115 deg
  • 1.2 mm consumable contact tip

2G baby torch

  • 250 amps 100% duty cycle | water-cooled head
  • Min bore 34 mm x 500 long after cladding
  • Special copper tube without tip for smooth wire feeding

1G heavy-duty torch

  • Anodized aluminum pipe for torch lance
  • Silicon insulating sleeve over the torch head
  • Twin-wire feed attachment for easy & quick wire setting
  • 300 amps 100% duty cycle|water cooled head|160 deg
  • 1.2 mm consumable contact tip


  • Box construction for more strength
  • 2 m x 7 Tons capacity table
  • Low bed height (less than 500 mm)
  • 3.0 kW servo motor|1:80 heavy-duty gearbox
  • O.1 to 5 rpm
  • Tapped holes for job clamping/setting purpose
  • Tool mark at different PCDs for job truing assistance
  • Slewing ring|wheels|screw jacks
  • 2 m track to move rotator to facilitate loading/unloading of job
  • Cable drag chain
  • Insulated spring-loaded earthing bush


  • 2 Door air-conditioned panel conforming to IP 55
  • Screwless male-female connectors on the side for field signals
  • DIN rail-mounted PLC, SMPS, Relay boards, Terminals, MCB
  • Servo drives, Isolators, Line chokes
  • Printed ferrules|printed labels, min o.5 sq mm wires, AC DC isolation
  • Front or top-mounted HMI
  • 1000 w panel A\C
  • 200 mm high covered stand
  • Cable glands for servo encoder and power cables
  • Separate earthing strip for individual earthing of each component


  • 2.5 kW capacity
  • Refrigerated cooling with a minimum of 14 DEG. settable
  • Flow and temperature interlock
  • 1-phase pump and compressor
  • Quick release coupling for water “IN” and “OUT”
  • Aluminum extrusion body
  • Water flow switch to give potential free contact
  • Working temperature up to 50 DEG. ambient


  • RYB phase indication
  • Single connection required from customer side
  • Independent MCB for power source, chiller, control panel, hot wire unit
  • Neat routing through cable trays and drag chains


  • 10” Touch Screen HMI for Data Entry, Operations, Alarms, Data log, Display
  • Optional wireless 10” Android Tab


  • 5” wireless android-based pendant
  • Full-function buttons for various overrides
  • Essential parameter values in real-time on the display
  • Unique IP address to avoid cross connection
  • Android app which can be loaded on a normal phone


  • 24×7 continuous gas supply
  • Two racks can be connected at the same time
  • Steel braided high-pressure hose pipes to connect cylinders to  the unit
  • Stainless steel manifold at the outlet to connect up to 8 welding heads
  • Independent regulators and solenoid valves for each bank
  • PSI/Bar dual unit reading
  • Auto changeover at set pressure followed by audio visual signal
  • All electronics and solenoids on low-pressure side


  • Fully Digital Inverter Type Power Source
  • Optimized For Automated Applications: Unique Second-Generation Digital
  • System For Reproducible Welding Results of  The  Highest  Possible  Quality, Easy To Integrate Into Automated Systems
  • Heavy Duty 550 Amps With 420 Amps 100% Duty Cycle.
  • DI/DO and Ai/AO Signals to Plc.
  • 95 SQMM HOFR Cables for Positive and Negative Leads.
  • Extended Warranty Terms.
  • Ac Hot Wire Power Source for Enhancing Deposition


  • Process: twin hot wire auto pulsed tig
  • Min dia: 42 mm x 500 long before cladding
  • Min dia: 34 mm x 500 long after cladding in 2 layers
  • Max dia: 2000 mm x 2000 mm long
  • Max loading capacity: dia 2400 mm x 2500 long
  • Max tilting of torch: 45 deg either side
  • Max weight: 7000 kg
  • Column height: 4600 mm
  • Max height with z slide up: 5600 mm
  • Floor space: 7000 mm x 5000 mm

Functions in manual mode:

  • Boom “up”  “down”  movement
  • X  “in”  “out”  movements
  • Z “up”  “down” movement
  • Z slide tilt cw/ccw
  • Wire for/rev
  • Rotator cw/ccw inching
  • Rotator 90deg inching for fast truing
  • Gas test and flow adjust

Functions in auto mode:

  • Cycle start and down slope
  • Incr/decr of:
        • Current (5 amps per touch default)
        • Voltage (0.2 v per touch default)
        • Rotation (10 mm/min per touch default)
        • Wire feed (25 mm/min per touch default)
        • Step distance (0.5 mm per touch default)
  • Avc on/off
  • Wire on/off
  • Change from base to bore and vice versa


  • AC Servo motors for X, Rotator  Wire Feeder and Tilting
  • AC Servo Brake motor for Z and boom UP/DOWN
  • Panel A/C for control panel
  • Single power connection required from customer end to our DB
  • Base and Bore cladding with AVC
  • Auto AVC selection for ID and OD
  • Auto speed compensation for taper bores and face cladding
  • Weaving if required for face cladding
  • Choice of STRING or SPIRAL Bead
  • Over ride of Volt|Current|Weld Speed|Wire Feed|Step distance from the Pendant.
  • Full control of Power source from PLC/HMI/PENDANT
  • Touch Retract function for fixed HF distance and consistent starts
  • Torch and wire retract on down slope
  • One touch 90 deg rotation in manual mode for quick truing of job
  • Dry run (test) mode for parameter checks
  • Separate cycle for job cooling
  • Data logging of parameters like volt, current, wire feed and welding speed
  • Real time graphical representations of essential variables including heat input
  • Correction of parameters in real time through Pendant
  • Total wire consumption (indicative) in kg on display
  • Interlocks with Water flow, Gas flow and XY limits and indication on alarm page
  • Interlocks with Lower and Higher limits of voltage and current
  • Virtual full function pendant on HMI
  • Different pages for Alarm, Data, Display Operation and Data Log/Trend
  • XZ positions and Rotator angle on display page
  • Engineering parameters on a password protected page
  • Remote access to PLC through team viewer or similar software
  • Original Legal software and PLC program loaded in a laptop
  • Android based Wireless Pendant with unique IP addresses
  • Display of values of essential variables on Pendant
  • Special weld cycles for cross bores

Special Feature for Cross Bore cladding:

Once parameters are entered correctly and cycle start pressed, it will start cladding at the bottom continuously until it reaches the bottom most point of the cross bore.

At this exact point the start stop function will commence, starting and stopping at the precise locations i.e at the edge of the cross bore. This will continue until the topmost point of the bore before going back to normal clad mode.

This function is theoritically possible but practically may have limitations.


  • PLC: Omron with Ethercat Com
  • HMI: Omron with Ethernet
  • Servo Motor & Drives: Omron with Ethercat Com
  • SMPS: Omron
  • Isolators & terminals: Phoenix Germany
  • Motor Encoder & Power Cables: Lapp Germany
  • Enclosure: Rittal/Eldon
  • Switch gears: Hager
  • Panel AC: Advanced Cooling India
  • Chiller: Advanced Cooling India
  • Torch Lance and Heads: Sap Industries/Sine Automation
  • Structure: Anvin Engineers India
  • Paint: Standard PU with a coat of laquer


  • Data logger in HMI
  • One spare torch ea for 1g and 2g
  • One spare pendant for every 2 machines
  • Consumable torch spares for 3 months continuous operation
  • Other spares like silicon sleeves, cu tubes, connectors, flow switch flow meter.
  • Laptop loaded with plc software & program and communication cable for every project (more than one system)
  • Any special feature required with respect to software
  • Tool box with necessary tools like spanners, wire cutter, alley key set, plier, hammer, measuring tape, torch light etc.
  • Welding helmet and  glasses
  • 16 GB USB pendrive to retreive data